Toy Designers to give insights and high-tech demonstrations at Breadbox Studio in Harlem on May 11, 2013 at 6 pm

H I G H – T E C H   I N   T O Y   D E S I G N   N O T   J U S T   F O R   T O Y S
Toy designer Joe Masibay and colleagues give insight and demonstrate
cutting-edge technology

As part of New York City’s inaugural Design Week from May 10 to May 21, Breadbox Studio will host an event showcasing toy designers and their high-tech tools on Saturday, May 11.
“Breadbox Studio is about generating and developing fun—and we have fun in the process,” says studio owner Joe Masibay, as he talks about the upcoming event at his Harlem design studio.

“I’ve been working here in Harlem since 1999. Before that, I was with a toy invention firm in Chicago. Back then, it was difficult to connect and collaborate with other designers in the neighborhood, and I wanted to change that. I’m trying to bring together creatives, aspiring artists, and designers from all fields. I want them to get a chance to know what my studio has to offer—and, more importantly, to experience first-hand the cutting-edge technology that we use and to learn how they might use it in their own work,” Masibay says.

Visitors to Breadbox Studio, located at 1844 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., will also get to see a technology that they might already have at home—a Kinect scanner originally intended for Xbox—used in a surprising new way.

Masibay is especially pleased to announce that the following colleagues and collaborators will join him to present their experiences and answer questions:

Jeeyun Lee  Harlem toy designer and artist freelancing out of Breadbox Studios
Jeeyun has worked on projects for Fisher-Price, Tomy, and Lego. She has a background in fine arts and fashion illustration. Aside from her work as a toy designer, she is also a working artist and takes commissions.

Jeeyun/Toy Design

Nancy Yi Liang  
co-founder of an online platform selling customizable products

Nancy is a Yale graduate passionate about democratizing design and manufacturing as well as making it easier for people to create their own products. She is responsible for design and business at Mixee Labs, which builds online software to make creativity accessible to everybody. Nancy has worked with designers and advisors at Breadbox Studio to grow Mixee Labs.
Mixee Me: Create a customizable 3D-printed person

Will Sakran  
principal engineer/designer at Metre Ideas and Design, a product design firm

Will holds a degree in electrical engineering and has an interesting range of professional experience, from missile defense systems to dancing Elmo Dolls. His firm recently launched their own product, Toobalink, an eco-minded construction toy that works with paper towel and toilet tissue tubes. Sakran’s Brooklyn-based firm has collaborated with Breadbox Studio. Joe Masibay did some development work on Toobalink.
Toobalink Shop


Breadbox Studio at NYCxDesign
High-Tech in Toy Design Not Just for Toys
Toy designer Joe Masibay and colleagues give insight and demonstrate cutting-edge technology

Saturday on May 11, 2013 at 6 pm
1844 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard

(between 111th and 112th Street)

This event at Breadbox Studio is a partnership with The West Harlem Art Fund.