Breadbox Studio Professional Services
Design & Development — 3D Printing — Digital Scanning — Model Making  — Casting 

Breadbox Studio is a full service invention and design firm specializing in toys and products.

The Studio houses cutting-edge software and technology for Design (Solidworks), 3D printing (Projet 3000 HD) and Modelmaking (Freeform Modeling Plus, haptic enabled digital sculpting) as well as traditional tools for producing wax sculptures. Services include developing mechanisms, creating breadboards and fully functional painted models as well as renderings and control drawings.

Joe has developed products for many famous brands including Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon and Radio Flyer. While working at Fisher-Price for six years as a designer, he created toys for various brands such as: Thomas the Tank Engine (notably products for the launch of the Take-N-Play line) Sesame Street, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, and the Koala Brothers. He is the co-inventor of Bonkazonks, a Marvel-branded collectable toy line licensed and manufactured by Hasbro.

Joe lends his expertise as a consultant and offers the resources available at Breadbox Studio to other inventors, designers, and creatives as well as companies, agencies, and institutions.

Contact Joe Masibay to find out how he can help turn your ideas into products.


A selection of trusted brands that Breadbox Studio has developed products for.


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